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Air Easy

Air Easy Car Vent Nano Filter

Air Easy Car Vent Nano Filter

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Car Vent Nano Filter

 Able to filter 90% Airborne contaminants PM 2.5

 Comes in 2 shapes to match you car's vent - Round and Rectangle

 Absorbs odour

 Air deflector/diffuser for your car's air conditioner

The product is used to diffuse and filter air coming from the vent. You can always enjoy a cool vehicle without the annoying air drafts. There are 3 types of element that was used for the filter. The 1st layer is an electrostatic fiber to filter out particulate matter 2.5. Second is a nano fiber with silver added to kill bacteria. Lastly the third layer is an activated carbon for absorbing odor. The filters need to be change when the white layer become dark approximately around 3 months of daily use. We also have attached the study made by Intertek in Hong Kong to prove the claims for anti-bacterial properties of the filter. It will eliminate the airborne bacteria that passes through the nano element.

Circular filter measures 9cm in diameter

Rectangular filter measures 12cm x 7.5cm

*2pcs per pack



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