Takara Tomy

Beyblade Burst B 150 Booster Union Achilles CN Xtend


The new form of Achilles.

User is Aiga Akabane (protagonist of Cho-Z), It is an attack type beyblade with Right spin.

Three new parts included in this item. Except the chip and the weight, other parts can change the mode. Base can change 2 modes; the disc can change 2 modes and the driver can change to 3 modes. So, total you got 12 combinations of this beyblade!     

Chip: Achilles (New parts) It is designed with the shape of Hero Achilles; it has the four hard and standard locks which are Interactivity.  

Base: Union (New parts) There is two mode of the base. If only the red base, the mode will be speed mode that achieves the balance between attack and defense. After you add the second blue parts the mode will change to power mode and increase the attack of the beyblade  

Weight: Retsu 烈 The gravity of the weight will focus on three points, and it can launch a shaking attack.  

Disc: Convert (New parts) The convert disc is like other parts of this beyblade, it can change to two mode by rotating the yellow frame of this disc. The normal mode will concentrate the gravity on two sides of the disc, and attack mode will only concentrate on one side.  

Driver: Xtend+  It is an add-on to the Xtend Performance Tip. Unlike its predecessor, Xtend+ does not feature a manual height change gimmick but instead features an adjustable tip at a standard height with three settings - Attack, Defense and Stamina, akin to X Drive from Metal Fight Beyblade.        

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