Carmien Organic Rooibos

It is a non-caffeinated, non-calorie rooibos made by fermenting and drying rooibos leaves that grow only in certain mountainous regions in South Africa. Put one tea bag in a teapot or mug, pour boiling water and wait 3-4 minutes before serving. You can also make water.

[Name] Organic rooibos tea
[Raw material name] Organic rooibos tea
[Contents] 100 g (2.5 g x 40 bags)
[Product size] 140 x 75 x 70 mm
[Best before date] Separately described on the product label
[Preservation method] Hot and humid Please save to avoid the place.
[Country of origin] South Africa
[Importer] Overseas Co., Ltd.
[Type of container] Box
● Please be careful when handling boiling water.
● Fine powder may leak, but there is no problem with quality.
● After opening, transfer to a closed container and use as soon as possible.
[How to drink rooibos tea]
○ Put one tea bag in a teapot or mug, pour boiling water, and enjoy after 3-4 minutes. (The bitterness does not increase even if the tea bag is not taken out.)
○ You can also make water iced rooibos. Add one tea bag to 1 liter of water and cool in the refrigerator. You can enjoy a delicious watered rooibos tea in about 6 hours. (If you can not drink in one day, please take out the tea bag)

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