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Chef's Classics Veronica Non-Stick Saucepan 18cm


This Chef's Classics Veronica Non-Stick 18-centimeter saucepan is a must-have for the stylish, functional kitchen. Whip up delicious sauces, glazes, and more to add a punch of flavor into your daily dishes.

The Veronica series is truly a sight to behold in any modern kitchen—with its deep royal blue high-grade silicone exterior coating, tempered glass lids, and riveted Bakelite knobs and handles.

More than just striking and thoughtfully designed cooking vessels, the Veronica series also boasts of a triple layer of Xylan Plus interior non-stick coating to guarantee an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance, and healthier culinary experience.

Best of all, the Veronica series can be used with conventional, electric, or even induction stoves!

Product code: SMNFJ918S

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