Delilah 90s Kid Polka Dot mask with multi color chain holder


Let's stay safe & groovy out in the world!

Our new reality requires masks but we should still be cool as we keep our masks ready for a quick pop on. 

We know the importance of wearing a face mask as we experience this pandemic. Although it can be a hassle, it is imperative that we each keep our face mask close at all times and Delilah makes it much easier with a face mask holder.

Do you find yourself walking away from the car without your mask?  When you are social distancing, do you pull your mask down around your neck?  Are you constantly looking for you and your family’s masks?  Did you answer “YES” to any of these questions? then you need a Face Mask Holder!

Mask holder is made of lightweight Chain with over sized hooks for quick latching.

*item comes with a face mask.

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