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Stark Fitness

Stark Fitness Single Station

Stark Fitness Single Station

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Single Station allows for both traditional (chest press), converging (converging chest press), and extended arm (pec fly) paths of motions from the same seated position. Ergonomically-positioned handles promote proper wrist angles during pressing and pulling exercises.Pivot arcs are strategically-positioned to provide the most natural feel during full ranges of motion.                       

* Item if for Pre-Order with 2 weeks wait time for delivery                                                                                                             


Tube Size: 50*100*t2.0
Weight Stack: 66 kg (11pcs)
Dimension: 1460*800*208mm
Main Function: Chest Press,Seated Row,Pec fly,Lat pulldown, Leg extension etc.                                                Warranty: 2 years




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