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EasyFlow Personal Air Filtration System

EasyFlow Personal Air Filtration System

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Easy Flow is the World's first, lightweight, comfortable, and most of all, discreet personal air filtration system for everyday mobile use. 

Easy Flow provides a positive pressurized flow of filtered fresh air directly inside the respirator!

This positive pressurized flow of air helps to block contaminated air from entering through the gaps making your respirator more effective and comfortable! Enjoy filtered air anytime, anywhere you go. Easy Flow’s positive air flow creates a dryer, more effective respirator that protects you from these harmful airborne pollutants!


EasyFlow Personal Air Filtration Device

N95 Respirator

Hepa Filter (1pc)

Air Nozzle and Connecting Unit

Hose & Extension Hose

Lanyard & Magnet

Charging Cord


The Easy Flow 3M Hepa 13 Filter has 99% filtration efficiency against PM 2.5 and certain non-oil-based particles and aerosols.

Up to 12 hours of maximum power supply:

High Flow - 5 hours

Medium Flow - 8 hours

Light Flow - 12 hours





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