ecotools Ultimate Sheer

Labelled as a brush for bronzer, this duo fiber stippling brush is the perfect blend of softness with some structure to really give a beautiful finish on the skin. But, the best use I’ve found for this brush is to blend the Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm into the skin. I’m sure any cream type of foundation would work but specifically used with the KA it goes something like this... Tap the brush into the pan to pick up the smallest amount of product just on the tips of the longer exposed bristles, stipple onto the skin and voila! Airbrushed perfection. If you need more coverage, repeat the process. I use such little product, the process is very quick, and by not using a dense brush and not buffing the foundation into my skin (which tends to accentuate flakes) it keeps my dry skin looking smooth. No matter which way you use this brush I don’t think you will be disappointed, it is great for both powder and cream products alike.

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