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ella + mila Body Scrub - Don't Flake on Me


ella + mila Don't Flake on Me Body Scrub gently exfoliates, removing dry skin and leaving body feeling smooth. Blend of five oils (jojoba seed, castor, coconut, sunflower seed, and grape seed) and high in antioxidants, promises to leave skin feeling "petal" soft and touchable. Enriched with essential oils and Vitamin E to helps bring back all the moisture that is lost throughout the day.

How to Use: In the shower, massage content onto wet skin in circular motion to gently exfoliate and remove dry, rough skin cells. Rinse well with water and watch skin transform, feeling soft, smooth and polished. Use caution as oils can make shower and bath floors slippery.

ella + mila products are vegan, animal cruelty free and certified by PETA. 

This product does not contain paraben or gluten.

Body scrub 198 g - 7 oz

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