i-Angel Hip Seat Carrier | Light


i-Angel hip seat carrier is ergonomically designed to evenly distribute the baby's weight on your body, reducing the strain on your shoulders, waist, and spine.

The cushioned shoulder belts with soft mesh lining and extra padded waist belt guarantee that the i-Angel hip seat carrier will be the most comfortable carrier you've ever worn.

Hipseat carrier mode
Stand-alone detachable hipseat mode with one arm supporting
Nursing sling mode with both arms supporting 

Your baby can be seated facing in or outward.  
Hipseat carrier can be worn on either the front or back.
Stand-alone hipseat can be worn in center, left, or right position with one arm supporting
Support your baby with both your arms across the hipseat for nursing.

Fabric Material: 100% cotton
Product Weight: 1.90 pounds
Recommended Weight : 3.5 ~ 20 kg
Waist Belt Size : 26 3/8 - 42 1/8 inches
Recommended Age: 3 - 36 months
Weight: 7.75 - 44 pounds

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