White Lotus

White Lotus Jade Roller Rose Quartz



  • Double roller design: This dual heads Jade Roller has a big roller and a small roller to massage. The big roller can be used to roll over the face to eliminate edema, lift & refresh the skin, you could start rolling on one side of your face outward and upward from centre. The small roller can be used on the skin of eye area to remove dark circles and also eliminate the pouch.
  • Natural Jade Roller Massager: Jade Roller contains 30 kinds of trace elements like selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium, which helps cell stimulation and lymphatic drainage, makes you more beautiful.
  • Made your skin look smoother, fresher, and younger: This Jade Roller Massager promotes blood circulation, gives your skin a healthy glow as it can reduce puffy eyes, saggy skin, tension, inflammation, wrinkles and other impurities.
  • Great Gift Choice: a great option to someone love skin care & slow down aging process. High quality technologies materials ensure no loose jade pieces or fragile parts to hurt skin. Smooth rolling action helps your skin glow healthily.


  • Material:Rose Quartz
  • Size:14.5*5.5cm
  • Packing list:1*Jade Roller

How to use:

  • Pls clean the massage tool and face & neck before using( The Jade Roller can be cleaned in warm water with a cleaning cloth)
  • Apply some creams on you face & neck evenly;
  • For Facial & Neck massage, pls use the big roller, bottom-up, push the skin along the growth direction. This action can be done to enhance the skin and will avoid sagging muscles.
  • For eye massage, pls use the small jade roller, from inside outward, clockwise massage. Close your eyes and roll gently over eyelids to clear off the pouch.
  • Use a warm cloth to clean this Jade Roller after all this finished, dry it and keep it carefully in its box.
  • Your will notice an obvious improvement of your Face & Neck and also eyes after you insist on using this Jade Roller a few weeks. Massage 4 days a week for 5-15 minutes at a time is recommended

B/Specification :

  • Material: high quality jade
  • Specification: length: 14 cm or so, the big ball 4.5 cm wide, small ball 2 cm wide

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