K Mom Natural Pureness Bottle Cleanser 500mL Refill


K-Mom Feeding Bottle Cleanser is made with USDA Organic Certified ingredients. After each wash of milk bottles, sipper cups, etc, you will find no residue smell of milk or food on bottles and cups.

No fragrance of detergent left behind in bottles too! Made with organic ingredients, the Bottle Cleanser is the safest choice for your baby. With K-Mom Feeding Bottle Cleanser, you only need to use small amount to clean your baby's bottles, breast pump parts thoroughly! Bottles and accessories are left squeaky clean after each wash!

Korea FDA and US FDA Approved

Other Details:

100% Natural plant based extracts

Suitable for fruits & vegetables

For milk bottles, sipper cups, baby accessories/cutlery/utensils, breast pump parts, etc
USDA Organic certified

Free from 10 harmful chemicals such as Paraben, Phenoxyethanol or similar preservatives, Coloring, Oil, Triethanolamine, Ethanol, Benzyl Alcohol, Sulfate Surfactants, Talc, and Propylene Glycol

Usage: For cleaning of milk bottle/teats, utensils/cutlery, baby accessories, breast pump parts.

Ingredients: Organic gentiana urnula flower extract, organic kudzu root extract, organic nettle root extract, organic papaya leaf extract, organic saponaria officinalis root extract, surfactant, water

Size: 500ml

Shelf life: 2 years from manufacturing date

Product Instructions:
Dilute 5ml to 7ml of K-mom Naturefree Bottle Cleanser in 1 liter of water.

Soak and clean the baby bottles/teats, breast pump accessories, and utensils using sponge or brush. You may also pour the cleanser directly onto the sponge or brush.
Rinse well, and sterilized if desired.
Care Instructions:
Keep product away from direct sunlight
Keep out of reach from children

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