Ocean Glassware

Ocean Glassware Diva Cocktail Glass


Whether your cocktail fancy is a margarita, martini, or a daiquiri, serve it chilled and serve it best with an Ocean Glassware Diva Cocktail Glass. Made with pure soda lime glass derived from silica-rich sand, the Ocean Glassware cocktail glass sports an exceptional clarity, fit for cosmopolitan ladies and gentlemen. The stylish Diva Cocktail Glass is dishwasher safe and shock proof, perfect for daily use or for hosted afternoon coffee sessions. Temperature resistant, the durable Ocean Glassware can be steam-treated for an extra measure of cleanliness. With Ocean Glassware Diva Cocktail Glass, enjoy your own cocktail concoction at your own pace, in the comforts of your home.

Capacity: 7.5 oz

Sold per piece.

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