Oneida Set of 4 Steak knives


Clean, simple and striking, these polished steak knives have a soft silhouette of a well rounded pattern. Well-balanced and comfortable in the hand, they are well serrated for easy cutting of chops and steak.

  • Inclusions: 4 x steak knives
  • Timeless Design: This steak knife set flies back to the 1950s. The decade was the beginning of an interconnected, transatlantic world where styles bent to asymmetries and pop music warped to rock-n-roll. Take off to the flowing sculpture of the mid-century with Flight.
  • High Quality:  Top quality finish and weight. These expertly crafted knives are mirror finished, extra strong, but delicately light in the hand. 
  • Premium 18/0 stainless-steel silverware: Etra durable and provides rust protection. These steak knives will shine for dining and wash clean in the dishwasher worry free.

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