Owl Baby

Owl Baby UV Sterilizing Bag


Now you can sterilize anytime, anywhere with this portable UV sterilizer. 

UV Sterilization properties:

- Powered by UVC LED technology
- One click to achieve 99.9% sterilization rate within just 3 minutes
- With top and bottom UV lights to ensure 360 degree sterilizing capacity of any item
- Sterilize virtually anything, from baby bottles and pump parts, to toys and electronic devices
- Also has deodorizing properties by disintegrating odor molecules
- LED life span: up to 10,000 hours

Bag features:

- Comes with a USB power cord so you can sterilize anytime, anywhere using a powerbank, or by plugging directly to a power source
- Chic, light, and travel friendly
- Made of super thick and durable materials
- Doubles as a storage bag
- With detachable and adjustable strap so you can carry it however you want it
- With pockets on all sides to put important items, including a powerbank so you can literally sterilize even while on-the-go
- With a built-in safety magnet switch which automatically stops sterilization process once bag is opened

*Powerbank not included

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