Pigeon Multi-Function Steam Sterilizer Baby Bottle Sterilizer


Product details of Pigeon 3 in 1 Multi Sterilizer

  • Multi Function Sterilizer (Sterilizing, Bottle Warming, Food Warming)
  • Safe, Efficient and Hygienic
  • Accommodates 5 standard size bottles or wide neck bottle
  • Fast about 9 minutes sterilizing cycle
  • Destroy harmful bacteria effectively
  • Durable construction
  • Large convenient accessory tray
  • Automatic thermostatic power- off

The PIGEON  Multi Sterilizer (3 in 1) is design to accommodate up to 5 standard- size or wide-neck bottles. Fast about 9 minutes steam sterilization cycle effectively destroy bacteria without the use of chemicals. Specially made for the convenience of mothers, it can sterilize milk bottles quickly, keeps milk warm and ready for feeding. As your baby grows, the food steamer helps you prepare healthy food conveniently. All 3 functions integrated in a single appliance to give you more quality time bond with your baby. 

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