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PlaMedi Air Mini: Plasma Air Sterilizer

PlaMedi Air Mini: Plasma Air Sterilizer

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Harnessing the power of cold plasma technology, Plabio presents the PlaMedi Air Mini–the perfect companion to help create your personal, sanitized bubble.

A portable, powerful sterilizer–use it at home, the car, or office.

Tested technology

Each PlaMedi Air Mini is manufactured in an ISO facility in South Korea and thoroughly tested prior to shipment. The device has also undergone stringent tests in labs to prove its efficacy and capability

High efficacy

The PlaMedi Air Mini has been proven to produce 90 million ions per cubic centimeter. Higher than existing competitors on the market and proven capable of sterilizing an area of 30 cubic meters.

No filters needed

The PlaMedi Air Mini will never require replacement filters. Rest assured knowing that the device will never require costly filter replacements.


Take the PlaMedi Air Mini with you as it can operate with a simple USB-C cord. No need to carry around a large device or worry about the efficacy of a smaller, untested device.

The Plamedi Air mini weighs 90 grams.

Warranty: 1 year for factory defects

Designed and manufactured in South Korea

Product Specs
Model: PB-C1
Model Name: PlaMedi Air Mini
Type: Air Sterilizer
Power Input:

5v. 1A (USB-C type)

Fan air flow:


Cable length:

1 meter


White LED

Size(mm) 85 x 33 (D x H)
Weight: Approx. 90g



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