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Poopsie Cutie Tooties Surprise Collectible Slime & Mystery Character


Poopsie™ Cutie Tooties Surprise™ is the slime surprise that oozes fun!

Unbox a snippable sparkly unicorn poop that can be snipped with scissors or popped using a tab on the bottom to reveal the slime surprise inside.

Squeeze out the slime for a satisfying and totally unique unboxing experience. The scented slimes come in different textures, including water, crunch, and marshmallow slimes.

Squeezing out the slime reveals the adorable Cutie Tooties™ character hidden inside. Reseal the iridescent plastic package to store slime and keep it fresh.

Collect all 25+ Cutie Tooties™ and 30+ slimes. Collect the rainbow!™

Please note: this product is assorted; colors vary. You will receive 1 randomly chosen toy with each order.

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