Sebamed Deodorant Roll On Active 50ml


The biological active system gives long lasting freshness and is gentle to sensitive skin. Prevents body odor without impairing the natural function of the sweat glands with pH value of 5.5 supports the natural ecological system of the skin for natural deodorizing protection.

Trilipid active ingredient complex ensures lasting protection and gentle treatment of the sensitive axilla area ensure long-lasting freshness. An Appealing fragrance, which is particularly well tolerated by the skin.

  • Without aluminum salts
  • Intelligent deodorization - without harmful chemicals and metal derivatives
  • Care formula counteracts odour-causing bacteria
  • Without colour additives
  • For sensitive skin
  • Dermatologicall / Clinically tested

Before applying the deodorant, take a shower or wash your armpits thoroughly. Dry with a towel so that the deodorant will roll onto your skin smoothly without smearing.

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