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Smashy Mashy Secret Slime Mystery Pack

₱325 ₱649.75

There are six squidgy experiments hiding behind a wall of bright green ooze. Tilt the slime-filled canister back to reveal your newest companion. If you’re lucky you might find the Rare Mystic Cat!

There’s so many stinky Smashy Mashy creatures to collect, which one will you get? Each mystery Smashy Mashy comes inside a slime-filled canister and includes a nacho cheese scented, slow rising squishy creature and mini buddy, sticker, secret decoder, collectors poster and bonus word search to decode.


  • Assorted Designs: You will receive one figure selected at random
  • Includes stickers and a secret decoder and collectors poster
  • Comes in a magic ooze reveal canister
  • Squishy slow release scented foam
  • Comes with a mystery buddy

Please note: this product is assorted; colors vary. You will receive 1 randomly chosen toy with each order.

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