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Theodore's Refrigerator Pods (Deodorizer & Freshener)

Theodore's Refrigerator Pods (Deodorizer & Freshener)

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Is there a mysterious smell coming from your kitchen?  It is most likely coming from the refrigerator.  A foul smelling fridge doesn't just make your home smell stinky; it also seeps into your food and make it taste funky.  Tackle lingering smells even after the culprit is gone and replace them with these refrigerator deodorizers.  They will absorb unpleasant odors and keep your fridge smelling fresh and clean even in between cleanings.

22 pcs. Pods

How to Use:

Place 1-3 pods in a small bowl and stash in the back of the refrigerator. Replace pods every 1-2 months.

When your fridge starts to smell, it’s time to replace them. 

Instead of tossing out old refrigerator pods, pulverize with a pestle and use it to scrub your kitchen sink.

Made thoughtfully with sodium bicabonate, citric acid, distilled water, dried rosemary leaves, essential oils of grapefruit and rosemary.



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