Baendit Eyewear Ned Kelly Polarized Limited Edition Set - Matte Black

₱6,199 ₱8,000
  • Bændit Eyewear revolutionizes the sunglasses industry with its modular and bendable eyewear, giving people the power to be in charge of their own style.
  • MODULARAll BÆNDIT pieces are interchangeable. Swap the color, borrow or trade from your own stash of BÆNDIT attachables and create the tone & shape desired.
  • BENDABLEA core of specifically engineered alloy and an ultra resilient silicon structure allow BÆNDIT to flex and hold any position. This allows you to find your best fit.
  • EXTREMEWear them loose and comfortable until you need to kick it up a notch. Kite surfing, beach volleyball, canoeing or kayaking, just press your BÆNDIT’s tight to your face and you are ready for action, BÆNDIT sunglasses will adapt to you and how you need them to be.
  • Matte Black frames, Black Polarized lens, Black temples and nose

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