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Corelle 46 oz/1.35L Meal Bowl

Corelle 46 oz/1.35L Meal Bowl

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Whether you’re aiming for healthier eating or just want an easier way to cuddle on the couch for dinner, the Meal Bowl is perfect for one-dish meals. Fill it up with veggies and whole grains, or ladle in pasta with sauce – the high sides keep everything inside and the round shape makes scooping easy.

- Nothing-else-like-it, made from a unique three-layer glass laminate
- Highly resistant to chips and cracks
- Lightweight, durable and easy to handle
- Ultra-hygienic, non-porous and easy-to-clean
- Stack compactly, taking up half the space of ceramic dishes
- Microwave, preheated oven and dishwasher safe
- Crafted with pride in Corning, New York
- Package Weight (kg): 0.80 kg
- Package Dimensions (cm): 22.5cm (L) x 33cm (W) x 7cm (H)



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