Owl Baby

Owl Baby Double or Single Electric Rechargeable Breast Pump


Every breastfeeding momma knows that breastfeeding shouldn't stop even when you're away from your little one.

With Owl Baby Double Electric and Rechargeable Breastpump, you can conveniently bring home liquid gold to your little one, whenever and wherever you may go.


  • Switch between double and single pump modes - choose whether you want to pump simultaneously on both breasts, or pump one breast while feedig with the other.
  • Reachargeable battery operated so you can literally pump anywhere
  • With USB powercord which you can use with a powerbank if you run out of battery on the road
  • 3 pump modes:
  1. Massage - 10 levels
  2. Express - 15 levels
  3. Stimulate - 3 levels
  • Switch between the three modes to maximize pumping output
  • Built-in LED screen and timer so you can easily keep track of how long your pump sessions are
  • With intelligent memory that keeps your favorite settings so you don'y need to re-adjust your preferred suction strength and mode every time
  • Super silent operation which allows you to pump comfortably even with a sleeping baby beside you. You can even pump during meetings and no one will notice!

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