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Happy Skin

Happy Skin Calming Spot Corrector

Happy Skin Calming Spot Corrector

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Imagine an anti-blemish product that tackles pimples head-on without stinging or drying skin with harsh ingredients. The Calming Spot Corrector is exactly that—a potent yet nourishing targeted treatment that zeroes in on blemishes to soothe, control, and ultimately eliminate them in days without leaving skin sensitive or flaky. Formulated to flatten pimples and ease redness, this water-light gel absorbs without fuss to deliver the antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and skin-healing properties of Tea Tree Leaf Water and Cica.

Tea Tree Leaf Water provides immediate relief from irritations and redness, and controls excess oil, alleviates wounds, and reduces acne scars over time. Cica supports skin healing and regeneration, while the remaining ingredients in Happy Skin's Powerhouse Four offer a nourishing boost that hydrates, strengthens, protects, and brightens skin.


How to use:

Use before sunscreen and makeup in the morning and after moisturizer at night. Squeeze a sufficient amount to clean fingers or a cotton swab. Dab on affected areas to coat zits and pimples and gently pat to absorb.

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