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Owl Baby

Owl Baby Travel Ice Packs / Flexible Ice Sheets

Owl Baby Travel Ice Packs / Flexible Ice Sheets

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These Ice Sheets are the solution to every momma who travels while pumping.

- Each pack contains 5 extra large sheets
- Each extra large sheet comes with 24 cells or polymer pockets that turn into gel when sumerged in water
- These polymer gels stay frozen much longer than regular ice
- Can be cut to size to fit any space or freezing requirement.
- Sheets are so generously large, you can cut them half, into 4s, 8s, or even 24s

Usage instructions:

1. Immerse sheets in water and scrunch in hands to allow air bubbles to escape. Water will enter through one-way surface to activate polymer and fully expand sheet.

2. Once expanded, the ice pack is now ready to use. Place in freezer to freeze. The more sheets you use in your ice box, the longer the ice pack will stay frozen.

3. Use and reuse over and over again. Simply put back in freezer to refreeze.

4. If you see that the ice pack has lost some of its volume, simply re-immerse in water.

5. Can be cut to size: make sure to cut evenly between cells.



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