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Owl Baby

Owl Baby Silicone Breast Pump and Breastmilk Catcher

Owl Baby Silicone Breast Pump and Breastmilk Catcher

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Because every drop counts!

Collect every drop of your golden liquid with the Owl Baby Silicone Breastpump and Breastmilk Catcher.

2 uses:

1. As alternative to pumping
- When you want to collect milk from one breast while feeding with the other, activate the suction and attach to the non-feeding breast (milk will automatically flow with one suction. no need to keep pressing. 😉) 
- Best used at night time when baby is too sleepy to finish the milk from both breasts. 
- Suction is effective enough to collect milk even when side lying! 
- Or when you simply have too much milk and want to set aside some milk for later feeding

2. For collecting let-down
- If you don't want to pump/finish the milk from the other breast, but simply don't want the let-down to go to waste, use this as breastmilk catcher
- While feeding with one breast, place the pump lightly against the other breast without activating the suction.
- Use the anti-spill cord to keep the milk catcher in place and prevent accidental spillage

Each box comes with FREE silicone spill-proof stopper and anti-spill cord. 

Made with 100% food grade silicone, guaranteed BPA-free!

Trust us, you'll be able to build your stash quickly with this tried and tested silicone breast pump and breastmilk catcher!



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