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Tefal Unlimited Induction Pancake Pan 25 cm

Tefal Unlimited Induction Pancake Pan 25 cm

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The best anti-scratch non-stick coating*

The unmistakable sizzle of chicken tossed into the pan, the clatter of utensils, the quick slide of a spatula at just the right moment... Extreme cooking calls for cookware that can withstand extreme conditions. Bringing together the all-new TITANIUM ANTI-SCRATCH coating—offering outstanding non-stick durability that can withstand even metal utensils—with an extra-thick THERMO-FUSION™ + base, the Tefal Unlimited pancake pan takes cooking performance to a whole new level.

Reference: G2553802

Tefal Unlimited Anti-scratch pancake pan

No scratches, no sticking and no breakage: the right choice of cookware can make all the difference. Tefal rises to the occasion with a new line of cookware built to resist extremes—to make your masterpiece a reality, from stovetop to plate. The Tefal Unlimited pancake pan ensures extreme durability at uncompromising standards of quality. After years of research, the all-new TITANIUM anti-scratch non-stick coating lasts six times longer,* combining the convenience of a non-stick coating with extreme resistance to scratches that can withstand metal utensils. Master fluffy golden-brown pancakes cooked to perfection, or use as a crepe pan for authentic savory or sweet crepes with a French touch. Our cookware rises to the challenge every time, never letting you down during cooking, making all the difference. Take your culinary game to a whole new level with Tefal's best ever non-stick cookware. *Compared to Tefal Titanium Standard.



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