UVKleene 7-Stage Ultra Silent Air Purifier


Model: UVK-A01

7 Stage Air Purification:
Pre Filter - Captures large particles, dust, lint, hair
HEPA13 Filter - Passes 0.05% of 0.1 micron particles
Carbon Filter - Removes gases, chemicals, VOC’s and odors
Cold Catalyst - Absorbs/Decomposes formaldehyde and dust
Photocatalyst - Benzene, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and pollutants
UVC Lamp - Neutralizes germs, bacteria and viruses
Anion Filter - Energizes air with health beneficial negative ions

Key Features:
PM 2.5 Detection
1-12 Hour Timer
Modes: Auto, Sleep and Manual
Temperature Detection
3 Speed Fan Setting
UVC Feature
Anion Capable

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